• Yearbook of Turkic Studies - Belleten, which is an international refereed journal is published as two issues in June and December, and one volume a year.
  • Scientific writings treating the history of Turkish language, its current state, Turkish grammar and its current problems are included in the journal.
  • The writings sent to be published in the journal must not have been published anywhere else. The proceedings presented at congresses and conference papers may be sent on condition that they are not published in proceedings books.
  • The general publishing language of the journal is Turkish but articles in contemporary Turkish writing languages and in English, German, French and Russian are also included.
  • The journal accepts the article applications via YAYSIS (Publication Tracking System). The applications made through mail or e-mail are not included in the publication process.
  • The article sent to the journal is sent to two referees after being examined in terms of appropriateness for publication (Those articles which are not considered appropriate for publication are not included in the process.) After the evaluation of the referees, an article deemed publishable with a report given by two referees is published in the following issue. In case one of the referee reports is positive and the other negative, the article is sent to a third referee. At that rate, whether the article will be published or not is to be decided with respect to the third referee’s report. The reviewers of the paper won't get to know the identity of the author(s), and the author(s) won't get to know the identity of the reviewer (double blind peer review).
  • The articles are directly oriented towards the referees via YAYSIS (without making a change on the file which the author has uploaded.) There should be no information defining the author of the article in terms of ensuring the author-referee confidentiality.
  • The authors should indicate their own ORCID numbers in the footnote they add to the “Name SURNAME” part.
  • You have to use the template file when sending an article. You can download the template from here.
  • You can download the declarations file, which must be signed by all authors contributing to the article and uploaded to YAYSIS, from here.
  • The Turkish Language Institution Spelling Dictionary should be considered in the articles sent to the journal (including the abbreviations).
  • The number of words of the articles should not exceed 8000 and the number of pages should not exceed 20.
  • The abstracts of articles to be sent to the journal should have abstracts of at least 200 and at most 250 words in Turkish and English and key words in both languages should be on the first page. After the “references” part of the articles, there should be a detailed English abstract made up of at least 700 and at most 1000 words.
  • The articles sent to the journal are published after the necessary referee examinations. The editorial board has the right not to publish the articles sent. The Editorial Board/ Editor may make corrections on the articles published that will not impair their integrity.
  • A royalty is paid for the articles published in the journal in accordance with the relevant regulations.
  • The opinions brought forward in the articles published in the journal and the article’s legal liability are the author’s responsibility.
  • The articles, photographs, tables and figures in the journal may not be quoted from without providing reference.


  • Times New Roman font should be used in the article. However, if a specific font was used when writing as some parts necessitate, these fonts should be sent to Yearbook of Turkic Studies - Belleten Broadcast Team via e-mail in case the article is accepted for publication.
  • Abstract should be written 2 cm inward from right and left sides, with 10pt and a single line break.
  • The article should be prepared as MS Word file. The page layout of the paper should be as follows:

Text size: 11pt
Footnote size: 9 pt
Paragraph break: 6 pt
Indent: 1,25 cm
Top-bottom-right-left margins: 3cm.
Line break: single

  • If there will be footnotes in the article, they should be written with single line break, 0pt paragraph break and 9pt.
  • In the article, the direct quotations exceeding 40 words should be written 1,5 cm inward from right and left sides and with 10pt.


  • The APA 7 system is adopted regarding the issue of giving reference in the articles that will be sent to our journal.
  • All the resourced used should be specified under the title “Resources” at the end of the article.

The articles, which do not conform to these principles will absolutely not be evaluated.