Mehmet Ölmez, Gönül Aris

Keywords: Old Uighur Book of the Dead, Old Uighur, hendiadys word pairs


Hendiadys, which has an important place in Turkic Language studies,is a frequently used as a way of expression in the texts belongingto the Old Uighur Era. Throughout the studies on this structure, which we have encountered both in the first written sources of Turkic languageand also in the present ones, we have learned about the structuraland semantic organization of the hendiadyses. Thus, in this study, thehendiadyses in the Old Uighur Book of the Dead have been tried to bedetected without any classification, and the meanings of the detectedhendiadyses, some example sentences, translation of those sentencesto Modern Turkish and the line number in the book have been given.In addition, information was given about some examples which at leastone of them is rare and/or the word is not used outside of the hendiadys.