Ünal Aldemir

Keywords: Mamluk Kipchak, Lexicography, Kitab al-Idrak li- Lisan al-Atrak


Kitab al-Idrak li-Lisan al-Atrak, which is one of the billingualdictionaries of Memluk field has an exceptional place among itscounterparts in terms of its author, content, method, scope and wayof arrayal. Being bilingual and consisting of the examples of differentTurkish dialects inarguably make this literary work difficult to writeand copy. Since the original copy of the work is not available to us, the original copy is to be traced through the available copies. Concordantly,in order to contribute the better understanding of this literary work, thisarticle attempts to introduce the work based on similar and divergentaspects of three available copies. In this respect, to ensure a deeperinsight into the text characteristics, the presentation of the work willbe made under nine headings that have been assigned according to thetopic in which each topic will be supported with examples from thecopies.