Yağız Yalçınkaya

Keywords: Seyyid Şükrî, classical Turkish poetry, nineteenth century, Kirkuk


Classical Turkish poetry, which has a time frame of six centuries and belongs to a vast geography from Turkistan to the Balkans, is about to consume its breath when it comes to the nineteenth century. The poet Seyyid Şükrî, who is the subject of our study, lived in this farewell era of classical poetry. The poet, who was from Kirkuk, prepared his Dîvân here. The aim of our study is to recognize and to introduce Şükrî and his Dîvân, on which scientific work has not been made until today. In this direction, firstly, the sources which may contain information about the poet were scanned and, along with the limited information obtained, a detailed frame about his life was drawn in the light of the information given by the poet. Then Dîvân which is the only work of the poet and the copy of the manuscript which has been published to this day has been tried to be introduced. In the third part, by giving examples from the work, it was aimed to understand the poet's literary personality, style and influences of poets. As a result of the study, the place of poet in regional literature and classical Turkish poetry was determined; a poet who lived in Kirkuk in the nineteenth century was introduced to the attention of contemporary poetry researchers and readers.