Hadra Kübra Erkınay Tamtamış

Keywords: Hybrid words, loanwords, etymology, melez (hybrid) words, melez (hybrid) words, Turkish Dictionary


The word hybrid means that two different structures, type and origins come together. This word can also be met with the Arabic word melez. This concept is used both in applied sciences and social sciences, and although its origin is biology and botany, it has also started to be used in fields such as sociology, music, technology, automotive and, more recently, education. In this study, hybridization was adapted to the words of Turkish Language Institution's Turkish Dictionary. Structures formed by words belonging to two different origins are considered as hybrid words. The Turkish Dictionary was scanned, and the adjacent compound or derivative words formed with attachments other than Turkish were slipped via quantitative data. These structures are classified according to the language they belong to. A total of 1.839 hybrid structures have been identified in the Turkish Dictionary. These structures show different sequences such as Turkish + Arabic, French + Turkish, Turkish + Hebrew, Greek + Sogdian, Romaic + Turkish, Turkish + Persian + Turkish, Arabic + Arabic + Turkish. While the number of hybrid structures in some arrays is high (Turkish + Arabic = 755), some of them are limited (Turkish + Latin = 1). In this study; it was carried out to identify and classify hybrid structures in Turkish vocabulary, to determine the origins of hybrid words, and to determine their usage areas.