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Afyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi Çağdaş Türk Lehçeleri ve Edebiyatları Bölümü

Keywords: Dictionary typology, dictionary classifications, dictionary types, lexicography.


Dictionary typologies are one of the most important topics that determine dictionary preparation processes and dictionary theories. The fact that there are many and different dictionary studies is an indication of how missing these typologies are. In fact, even the concept of dictionary typologies or genres as a basic concept has not been clarified as a concept in today’s literature. In today’s dictionary studies, it is possible to classify a certain dictionary according to its prominent feature (thesaurus, antonyms dictionary, bilingual or multilingual dictionary, etc.). Therefore, it can be said that most of the existing dictionary typologies are, to a great extent, typologies of dictionary titles. Once the number and content of these criteria have been determined, each lexicographic publication can be adequately defined by combining these criteria in certain ways. In this context, a question of prime importance for lexical theory arises: How can a lexicographic criterion be defined? In this study, it will be tried to reveal the criteria under which dictionary typologies have been classified since, and a classification attempt will be made by taking into account the dictionary typology studies and dictionary classifications.