Zeynep Korkmaz

Keywords: Old Turkish, Old Anatolian Turkish, Oghuz tribes, Oghuz language, Kipchak dialects, fonology and morfology


Anatolian and Rumelien Turkey dialects, is a collection of dialects that shows manydifferences about fonology, morfology and the vocabulary from standard Turkish withinthe borders of Turkey. These dialects form the last link of the Oghuz language throughoutthe process of historic development. This wealthiness in the dialects come fromso me sources: first, different dialects of 24 Oghuz tribes were soon come together withKipchak and other dialects. Then they form the Old Turkish and from the beginning ofOld Turkish, with the link of Old Anatolian Turkish and from the XV. century till XXI.century the change and development in the language caused a great diversity.In this article the developments about this transformation are deal with