Zeynep Korkmaz

Keywords: lA enclitic, pleonasmus, function of intensive, repeat of function, change of sound


Two linked different parts constitute this article. In the first part, it is shown what kind of historical evolution and consonant changes the -lA intensive affix -which has an enclitic structure- has gone through. -lA intensive affix has beeen united with -ki affix and it is also shown that through pleonasmus, how the -oına/-kine -oana/-kene forms in the Anatolian local dialects has been occured.In the second part, it is shown that because of the weakening and rust in its function, there has been another pleonasmus to refresh the rust of function in +A- affix -which produces verbs out of nouns- It is also shown that to achieve this, -lA affix has been added after +A- affix and with the unification of these two affixes, how -A-lA->-AlA- frequentative verbs have been formed