Zemire Gulcalı

Keywords: Old Uighur, The Sūtra of the Golden Light (Xth Book), “çımılaş-, çımşılaş-, çımkılaş, çım, *çımı.”


The Sūtra of the Golden Light, is a very important basic book among the other Old Uighur work. The main importance of the book comes from its glossary. It is indisputable that it prevents many different words to the vocabulary of the Old Uighur language. Some words and phrases can only be found in this book, and it also proves its significance in this study field. This article analyses the verb "çımılaş-/ çımşılaş-/ çımkılaş" which is possibly derived from the root of "çım < *çımı." Since the word is not exist in other Old Turkish work, we looked to Modern Turkic Languages, and compared the living forms of the word to clarify the structe of this word