Mehmet Ölmez, Uğur Uzunkaya

Keywords: Old Uighur, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism


The Uighurs having adopted religions such as Buddhism, Manichaeism andChristianity translated texts, which belong to these religions. After Theravāda andMahāyāna, Tibetan Buddhism, which had believers among the Uighurs, have animportant place in Old Uighur studies in terms of written sources. The aim of thispaper is to analyze Tibetan Buddhism texts in Old Uighur and to give informationsabout their research works. This article consists of three parts. General informationabout Tibetan Buddhism is presented in the introduction. Texts on Tibetan Buddhismin Old Uighur and their bibliographical and thematic informations are presented inthe texts part. The conclusion contains a general evaluation of the paper.