Osman Yıldız

Keywords: Turkey Turkish dialects, dialects in Burdur province, phonetics, characteristic features


The population movements created by fast industrialization, prevalence of literacy, migrations from villages to cities, mass media like television, radio, newspaper etc., keep the destructions on dialects. That's why it is extremely important for the branch of Turkology that the researches and investigations have to be done as soon as possible on the dialects of Turkey Turkish. It is not enough to know only the writing language to understand Turkish very well and to pass it down from generation to generation. Also we have to know the dialects, which are the local ways of speaking based on the same origin with Turkish. And we can achieve this by conducting scientific researches on the dialects of Turkey Turkish with these thoughts. The most important factor for deciding to make a research on the dialects in Burdur province was that any of a serious work at a scientific level has been done yet. In this article, we will focus on the most prominent phonetic features of the dialects in Burdur province, which we detected in our study, named "the dialects in Burdur province (grammar-text-dictionaries)" to contribute the dialects of Turkish in Turkey.