Emin Oba

International Taraz Innovative Institute, Taraz-Kazakistan

Keywords: Kazakh, vocabulary, wolf, ḳasḳır.


Kazakh, one of the Turkish dialects of the Kipchak group, is a very rich language in terms of Turkish vocabulary. Although Turkish words and derivatives of these words constitute the majority of the vocabulary, words that emerged as a result of cultural elements are also included in the vocabulary. In this study, a word that emerged as a result of an element of folk culture and does not exist in historical Turkish dialects will be evaluated. This word is the word “ḳasḳır” used instead of wolf, seen in Kazakh and many Turkish dialects. The origin of the word, its derivatives and usage areas are emphasized in the study. In addition,extensive information was given about the appearance and meanings of the word in other contemporary Turkish dialects. In addition, information about how the word came into being is also given.