Zeynep Korkmaz

Keywords: FBŞ, Old Anatolien Turkish, handscripts, copies, facsimile


The two volume book Ferec ba'd eşidde (Happiness after sorrow) as describedblow, is published by G. Hazai and A. Tietze as their joint studies. This work is anOld Anatolien Turkish text. This book is a narrative collection that contains 42 independentnarratives. It is not known who the author or translator of this source work is.It has probably been translated in the middle of XIVth centry from Persian language to the Turkish. There are its handscript from XVth or later centries. The oldest and reliable copy is in the Akademy Library in Budapest.The authors have prepared the transcribed text (1. volume) based on Budapestcopy comparing by H (İstanbul, Hamidiye Libr.) and L (İstanbul, Lâleli Libr.) manuscripts.2. volume contains the facsimilies of the work.In the German preface and introduction of work, has been written by G. Hazai andA. Tietze deeply and comprehensive information about Ferec ba'd eş-şidde. this work is a valuable study, which shows the language structure of the Old Anatolien Turkish. The overwiev and assesment of this work was made by me.