Ahmet Günşen

Keywords: göster-, görset- / körset- / körsöt- verbs, Turkey Turkish, Anatolian dialects, ancient Turkish, Karahanlı Turkish, Harezm Turkish


görset-˜ körset- in literary language and some dialects of Turkey Turkish and somecontemporary Turkish dialects. The form of görset- / körset- have been consideredas metathesis form of the shape of göster- / köster-; and this has made a generalconviction.But in this study it is exhibited with the historical and contemporary languagedatums of Turkish language that there are not two variants of verbs as one of them isgenuine and the other one is the metathesis form of the first. On the contrary, there arenot two verbs of different structures but same meanings.According to this, göster- (< köster- < kö-z-ter-) and görset- / körse- / körsöt- (< kö-r-ü-z+e-t-) verbs are of two different structures which have been existing since13th century in Turkish language. Today they are still maintaining their existence asdiversified of usage frequency in contemporary Turkish dialects.