Öztürk Emiroğlu

Keywords: Polish, Turkish, Language, influence, osmosis


Historical dimension of he relations between Ottomans and Poland have been dealt wiht in books, articles, bulletins and various writings by many researchers, historians being in the first place. However, apart from articles written and bulletins presented on a few words, the influence on the field of language has not been dealt with thoro-ughly as required so far. And the researches made deal with tresearch has been prepared in order to eliminate such a need.Carriage and meaning dimensions of the words passed into Polish from the langu- age of Ottoman and other Turkish states-communities in the old and new Polish cons- titute the framework of our study. Due to the fact that, although they are not Turkish, the words that have come into Turkish from Arabic and Persian language are carried to Polish language by Ottomans, they have been included in the study. For the purpose of putting forward the question with all its aspects, the study has been put under two main titles as: I. Western Turkish: Words Passed into Polish from the Ottoman Field; and II Norther and Eastern Turkish: Words Passed into Polish form the lanfuage of Turkish States and Comnunities Outside the Ottoman Field. The words have been clas- sified by taking the fields they belong into consideration, and the have been evaluated as to the socionlinguistic aspects according to the alphabetical order.The question is dealt with as a whole, Dictionaries of Foreign of Words in Polish, Etymological Dictionaries, texts, public language and today's Polish language being ta- ken as the basis, by examining the books and articels written and bulletins presented in relation to this field, and we have complete the deficiencies and correct the mistakes