Ömer Özkan

Keywords: gazavat-nâme, mesnevî, poem, history


Gazavat-nâmes are the literary works that tell about wars. Apart from having literaryimportance it also carries historical and cultural importance. At the time it was written they intend to make people aware of culture and literature. During 15thcentury, this gazavat-name literal work was taken into account by Gubârî, its turkishstyle with its cultural history was carefully examined. While the war was going onin Midili Island in most places, doubtless there were hails from an abstract mysticalworld, despite this style of the poet, This literal work didn't lose it cultural and literalaspects. First of all, this text carries the history of Turkish language and its an importantsource too since it contain much terminology of the old Anatolian Turkish,closeto this it also contain important information about the Turkish history.Some refer thiswork as a source of series of fact event that are explained in some history books.At thetime it was taken it intended to reflect social structure, cultural elements,ideologicalaspects and life aspects as a whole,due to this it is considered as an important culturalhistory book.