Mustafa Öner

Keywords: Turkish yardım “help”, etymology, symantic, Turkic languages


There are some conflicts about the Common Turkic word which means "help, aid". Thisword is used in Nog. yardam; in Tat. yardem ~ yerdem; in Bşk. yarźam; in Özb. yårdam; inUyg. yardem; in Tü., Gag., Az., Kmk. yardım; in Kırg. cardam and in Kzk., Kklp. jèrdem. Inthis paper, we suggested that the Turkish word yardım (< yardam) is comes from yarı, the wordwhich was known since the Karakhanid period. Besides, we examined the semantic relationshipsbetween "help" and "half" notions in Turkic and other languages.