Bekir Tahir Tahiroğlu

Keywords: Corpus, Natural Language Processing, Computer-assisted linguistics, Automatic Term Extraction, Lexicography


Developments in information technologies have effected linguistic studies in terms of varies linguistic techniques in the recent twenty years. Computer-assited linguistics, natural language processing (NLP), corpus linguistics are significant terms in recent linguistic literatures. These terms and their application areas convey important meanings in text mining based inferences and considerations about language itself.Terms are also important culprit in text analyzing by means of internet. Internet contains millions amount of text conveying valuable linguistic knowledge, and those texts are not only used in linguistic survey but is also used from biomedical works to concept extraction studies. Corpus based linguistics and other computer-related fields are expanding their application areas.In this artcile, TÜBİTAK's (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) book called Şaşırtan Varsayım has been investigated about collocational terms. Thirty-nine terms is meaningful collocational candidate term. Sophisticated softwares which is capable of probabilistic analyzing properties has been used in the work