Erhan Aydın

Keywords: The Old Turkic Inscriptions, Old Turkic, Karı Chor Tegin Inscription, Tariat Inscription, sın


A grave stone carved with a long text in Chinese and an old Turkic short text in runic letters composing of 17 lines were found at the end of 2012 in the capital of China Tang period, in Chang, its old name, or with its current name, in Xi'an, and was taken into protection in the Datangxishi Museum, located in the same city. 12th line of the grave Runic letters section sın 'grave' runic letter word text has been seen for the first time. Through this gravestone, now Tariat inscription, fine vowel words sinläg emerged that the word is not sinläg. Because Xi'an inscription of the sın is not thin thick vowels