György Almássy, Çev. Hüsnü Çağdaş Arslan

Keywords: Turkestan, Kara-Kyrgyz, Kazakh, linguistics, lexicon


This study is the translation from Hungarian into Turkish of the article named "Kara-Kirgiz Nyelvészeti Jegyzetek" written by György Almássy, a Hungarian zoologist, ethnographer and traveler. Asian researcher noted that he kept observations and made notes around Turkestan in 1900's, during his stay among Kara-Kyrgyz and Kazakhs, especially in relation to Kara-Kyrgyz (today's Kyrgyz). As a result of this journey, Almássy has created a collection of nearly 20,000 animal species (mostly birds), many of which have been mentioned in this article and many have been discovered for the first time. This article is a very versatile and important work that includes information about the geographies and languages of the Kara-Kyrgyz/ Kyrgyz people, their origins, the names of the materials they used in daily life, some examples of folk literature and a small dictionary of concepts.