Savaş Karagözlü

Keywords: Turkish language, Hilyatu’l-Insān ve Ḥalbatu’l-Lisān, Ibni Muhanna Lugati, Ibni Muhanna, loanwords


The cultural, linguistic, literary and traditional exchange can be seen very normal in communitiesthat live close or in continuous contact with each other. It is a known fact that the Turks lived in various geographic areas for centuries and had neighbourhood relationships with various communities. As a result, they had religious, political, commercial, social exchanges with others. Hence, the presence of foreign words in the Turkish language and Turkish words in other languages occurred through those historical relationships. After the Turks adopted Islam and lived in the same geographic area with Arabs and Persians, the Turkish language got exposed to gradual incursion of Arabic and Persian words. In this article, we will research the Arabic and Persian loanwords in the Turkish part of the study named Hilyatu'l-Insān ve Ḥalbatu'l-Lisān (Ibni Muhanna Lugati) written in the second half of the thirteenth century.