Sherubay Kurmanbaiuly, Marlen Adilov, Zhumagali İbragimov


The subject of this research is the discovery of some ancient words transmitted in the dictionary of dialects of the Kazakh language. The archaisms found were compared with ancient Turkic monuments and materials of modern Turkic languages. Here, the word archaism meant ancient words that were used in the Ancient Turkic, Ancient Uighur and Karakhan periods between the VIIth and XIIIth centuries. Because the periods of the Turkic language, which we discussed above (VII-XIII), are also generally accepted by well-known Turkologists with the term ancient Turkic. Many words that are not used in the Kazakh written language today, but are preserved in the dialects of the Kazakh language, turned out to be archaisms that were used in the ancient Turkic periods. This paper examines the relationship between the dialects of the Kazakh language and the ancient Turkic language. The purpose of the study is a comparative study of the words preserved in the Kazakh dialectological dictionary and related to the VII-XIII century. In particular, to prove that these words were used in works written before the XIIIth century. For each word under consideration, we have given several examples from ancient Turkic texts. From the modern Turkic languages, we showed the dictionaries used and their pages. In particular, opinions were put forward about which part of Kazakhstan preserved these ancient words, and about its use, the history of the word, or about which neighboring Turkic languages it was taken from or it may be an ancient Turkic heritage.