Keywords: Turkish dialects, the preposition değil, the word tügül, complementary verb.


The word “degil”, which was first seen in Dîvânu Lügâti’t-Türk, is mostly used in the Oghuz group dialects of the Turkish language today. The word “degil”, which is mostly used in Turkey Turkish, appears in other Turkish dialects with various sound changes. In the Kipchak group dialects, there are forms such as “tügül, tuvıl, tügěl, tügil tuvul, tüwül, dägil, dugül, tue/tuel”. In the grammar books of these dialects, it is handled as a negation preposition. It is seen that in some Turkish dialects, emes (ET: ermez) is used instead of the negative verb. Although the word “degil” is accepted as a feature belonging to the Oghuz group dialects, this word shows the same usage characteristics in many of the Kipchak group dialects in the forms of “tugul, tuvıl, tügěl, tügil”.

In the study, their usage in Kazakh, Kazan Tatar and Bashkir Turkish will be discussed and comparatively examined based on Kyrgyz Turkish, one of the Kipchak group dialects.

First of all, the usage of the word “degil” in the Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Tatar and Bashkir dialects will be determined, and then a general evaluation will be made as a result of the comparison of the “degil” structures in the mentioned dialects .