AydınAdnan Menderes Üniversitesi İnsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Fakültesi, Türk Dili ve Edebiyatı Bölümü

Keywords: Old Anatolian Turkish, sound features, /-sI-/ haplology, {-AsI} participle suffix, {+sIn} possessive suffix.


The phonetic features of Old Anatolian Turkish are among the subjects included in the language studies on various works. It can be said that the sound characteristics of the period are generally compared with the previous historical Turkish dialects and revealed through certain features. However, the simultaneous handling of the phonetic features of the old Oghuz dialect with a holistic point of view based on many published texts is important for the studies of Old Anatolian Turkish and its continuation, today’s Turkey Turkish. The drop of the /-sI-/ syllable is an important phonetic event that can be described as new knowledge for Old Anatolian Turkish. Especially after the adjective-verbs formed with {-AsI} participle suffix, the syllable /-sI-/ in the {+sIn} singular 3rd person possessive suffix is usually dropped. In the language studies on Old Anatolian Turkish, no determination was made about this syllable drop. However, the detection and evaluation of this event is important in terms of both the sound characteristics of the period and the ability to correctly analyse and interpret words. In this respect, it has become a necessity to deal with the mentioned sound event. This descriptive study; it reveals that the fall in the /-sI-/ syllable in OldAnatolian Turkish is usually seen after the adjective-verbsformed with the {-AsI} suffix and that it is systematic, and that the syllable repetition that occurs as a result of the same syllable coming together and thus the pronunciation difficulty is eliminated by the syllable drop.

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