Ceyda Özcan

Keywords: Old Uighur, Chinese, Kuansi im Pusar


This study work called Old Uighur Kuansi im Pusar is based on the original Chinese version of a work belonging to Buddhism Uighur translation known as Saddharmapuṇḍarīka-sūtra in Sanskrit. One of the most important reasons for why this particular work has been restudied is to compare it with Chinese to display the differences and to make the script that is in Uighur to be much more understandable. What is aimed in this writing is to study the words which are needed to be explained or to study the word groups in a detailed way. The method that we are using in line with the purpose also brought up the need of doing more researches on the Chinese script and explanations. As a result, its translations of the script in some western languages are also scanned and become a guide in transmission process