Dicle Teberoğlu

Keywords: Islam Türkay, language and culture, linguistic forms, Azerbaijani Turkish.


Language is one of the most fundamental needs and the most important tool for the humankind, who are social beings. Since they need the language to express themselves and ensure that they are understood. Those who also utilize language skillfully in science, culture, art and literature in addition to fulfilling daily needs and merely communicating, create works of art are remembered for centuries. The linguistic forms undertake a huge role in efficient use of a language in science, culture, art and literature.

The linguistic forms consist of idioms, proverbs, sayings, reduplications, prayers (applauds), curses (impractions), hadith, verses from Quran etc. Linguistic forms hold a significant role in acquiring these cultural codes and conveying them to the next generations. On one hand, they enrich the language in terms of vocabulary.

Islam Türkay is a poet who is well-versed in Turkish language, literature, history, culture and values as well as its vocabulary, particulars, its world of propositions and he is quite skillful at expressing his knowledge in his works. Therefore, Islam Türkay’s works include many linguistic forms that represent and convey the linguistic and cultural codes.

This study offers a general overview of linguistic forms and then, the linguistic forms found in Islam Türkay’s poems are reviewed in detail.