Burçin Özdemir

Keywords: “Divanü Lügati’t-Türk”, dialect of Çan, “Derleme Sözlüğü”, dialectology studies, archaic words


Dialectology studies have an important place in terms of determining of words that have not exist in the written language, regeneration of ancient Turkish words that have been forgotten and articulating on the history of area and its ethnic structure where characteristics of dialect are compiled.In this article, the words that exist in Divanü Lügati't- Türk and also in Çan (Çanakkale) like their originals with collection of their derivatives are examined with their meanings in Derleme Sözlüğü. This study aims to make some contributions to Derleme Sözlüğü and also to help explaining of documented words from historical texts and explaining of their transformation process. The documented words from dialect of Çan are being analyzed with a comparison to the examples taken from the Divanü Lügati't-Türk as the main text, Kutadgu Bilig, Tarama Sözlüğü and some historical language texts